Focus on the future, Yongtai technology support of the world"s top experts in West Lake mountain"

In September 9th, by the Oxford Cambridge Jiangsu Alumni Association organized Zhejiang Yongtai Polytron Technologies Inc sponsored the first "West Lake mountain" forum at Zhejiang University success. University of Oxford, University of Cambridge, Zhejiang University and University of Science & Technology China Professor, around the "biomedical future" and "quantum age of science and technology" two great future sense of cutting-edge topics to discuss exchanges.

Topic 1: the future of biomedicine
Chinese medicine is moving towards the world - 66 proprietary Chinese medicines have been approved by the European Pharmacopoeia

        As an important component of Chinese traditional culture, Chinese medicine has always been a controversial topic in the academic circles. After Chinese TU with artemisinin scientists won the Nobel prize, the support of traditional Chinese medicine Chinese government into the fast lane. In 2016, the State Council issued the outline of the strategic plan for the development of Chinese medicine (2016-2030 years), which promoted the development of traditional Chinese medicine into a national strategy. In July 1st this year, the medical law of the peoples Republic of China came into effect, and the development of Chinese medicine ushered in a new spring.


       Professor of Department of pharmacology of University of Cambridge has been devoted to the research and promotion of Chinese medicine. The scene, he in Chinese medicine research frontiers and progress made in the report, introduced the current international in TCM research overview, discusses the influence of ginseng, salvia, Angelica sinensis, 37 on angiogenesis, and reveals the ginsenoside has two-way regulating angiogenesis, let everybody the principle and effect of traditional Chinese medicine have a basic cognition.
Traditional Chinese medicine also has a long history in the west." Professor Fan Taiping said that in early sixteenth Century, Chinese great medical scientist, author of "Compendium of Materia Medica" before Li Shizhen was born, the British king Henry VIII attaches great importance to Chinese herbal medicine research and love, at that time the British even have "the herbalist occupation". Therefore, Chinese medicine has a certain cognitive basis in the west. Next year (2018), a celebration of Li Shizhens five hundred birthday will be held at the National Botanic Garden in the United kingdom.


As including the scope to promote and actively promote the culture of traditional Chinese medicine in the UK, fan Taiping professor said that at present, there are 66 Chinese Pharmacopoeia approval from the European union. What we are doing is to make Chinese medicine closer to the mainstream science and to enter the mainstream science arena.  
Later, Professor Dong Xuebing of Zhejiang University from the macro perspective of initiative "The Belt and Road", interpretation of the background of the internationalization of Chinese medicine development. He said: "I participated in the national The Belt and Road International Department of special. In the field of medicine, with particular emphasis on national characteristics along the medicine and traditional medicine mining and cooperative research and development, and focus on the countries along the country we prepared in the "The Belt and Road maritime Silk Road, the construction of traditional medicine germplasm resources and standardization system; promote the inheritance and innovation of TCM, traditional Chinese medicine health care preventive treatment of disease and other traditional medical technology application."  
In the guest exchange and ask the interaction with the audience in the process of Zhejiang University professor Tian Jingkui to warm the combination of baby wormwood and other small problems to solve women dysmenorrhea story interesting, expounds the practical application of the road of Chinese medicine, calls for further application and sustainable development of traditional Chinese medicine in the field of health.


Dr. Yan, of University of Cambridge, emphasized the necessity of promoting standardization of Chinese medicine from the perspective of commercialization and industrialization of traditional Chinese medicine. "The acceptance of Chinese medicine in the west is getting higher and higher."." For the development of traditional Chinese medicine, she said, "the West has more and more Chinese medicine exported from our country every year. In the west, more and more students want to study Chinese medicine, and acupuncture is more and more accepted in the West.". In Australia, for example, in 2009, 10% of the patients had been treated with acupuncture.

Topic two: the era of quantum technology

The progress of medicine is making the extension of human life a reality. In contrast, the development of science and technology is more like a double-edged sword.

Quantum cryptography will not be deciphered

As one of the inventors of quantum cryptography, Artur AIKE, a professor of quantum physics at the University of Oxford, has been exploring the convergence of quantum science and cryptography for the past 20 years or more (ArturEkert). He wrapped in parchment from the ancient code rod talk, by way of historical evolution of information security, quantum cryptography will explain the mystery.


This area of "black technology" is closely related to everyones daily life. In this era of Internet, more and more people begin to pay attention to protect personal privacy. All our network communications, e-commerce, e-government, electronic banking, personal information, etc., need to be encrypted.
Professor Ekt says conventional information security is only based on the difficulty of mathematical problems. To put it simply, the most powerful and popular encryption algorithm today is to build a secret key using the product of two very large prime numbers. These two prime numbers are confidential, but their product - a very long binary number - is public. If such algorithms are made public, online transactions will collapse, financial transactions and top secret government communications will be exposed.


In the future, we will enter a quantum information era. Quantum cryptography based on uncertainty principle will be widely used in network communication security. It can guarantee that the key is completely random and unpredictable, and it can not be cracked. At the same time, deciphering the current classical cryptography information based on Factoring will be very simple.

The worlds first light quantum computer was born in China

Later, Professor Lu Zhaoyang of University of Science & Technology China, as the worlds first light quantum computer research and development team members, to explain the unique charm of quantum mechanics. He said, "seventy-two changes with quantum mechanics, journey to the west" in the monkey kings uncertainty is similar to that of his art and reveals the somersault cloud properties of quantum superposition and entanglement, impressed the audience.

        This forum is hosted by Alumni Association of Cambridge, Oxford and Jiangsu zhejiang. It is understood that Oxford as a graduate of Cambridge community, Cambridge Su Zhejiang Oxford Alumni Association is the inheritance concept, sharing and the public popularity of University intimately tied up with expectations, so the forefront of science and technology, the first "West Lake mountain" forum is completely free and open to the public, hope that through such public sharing, technology popularization, better connection technology and culture in the west, to encourage innovation, so that more people have the opportunity to understand the future frontier.

        This forum is jointly sponsored by Zhejiang Yongtai Polytron Technologies Inc and other units. Yongtai technology has penetrated from the preparation of pharmaceutical intermediates and APIs to the vertical integration of industrial chain, the development of innovative and artisan spirit runs through the development course of the company. As a pharmaceutical and pharmaceutical raw materials rookie, as well as the national high-tech enterprises to participate in this forum, is with the worlds cutting-edge technology and forward-looking development concept once again intimate contact.
Finally, if you have the honor to participate in the forum, I believe that we also saw the scene at the forum. Dangdang - Poster debut!